Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Last Home of the Indian Khur Species

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The harsh conditions of a desert may look unbearable but these deserts also support a variety of wildlife. The Little Runn of Kutch in Gujarat is such a place that is home to a rich biodiversity. The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is located in the Little Runn of Kutch and is considered an important place for the conservation of Indian wild ass species. Here are some interesting facts to know about Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary.

1. Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary covers about 4954 km², which is the largest area covered by any wildlife sanctuary in India.

2. This sanctuary came into existence in the year 1972.

Indian Wild Ass or Khur
3. It is the only place left on earth where the Indian Wild Ass population can be found.

4. Around 3000 of these wild Khurs live inside the sanctuary and are often seen in herds.

5. Khurs look like a hybrid of a horse and a donkey. They are usually fast and can reach a speed of 70 kms. 

6. Apart from Khurs, 32 other species of mammals also live inside this vast protected area that includes chinkara, jackals, caracals, desert fox, Indian wolves, blackbucks, and striped hyenas.

7. The largest antelope of Asia, Nilgais or the blue bulls are also the resident of this sanctuary.

Group of Nilgai in Little Runn of Kutch
8. The best time to visit this sanctuary would be after November when the weather is nice. During summer time, it is strongly advised not to visit this place as the heat of the desert is unbearable.

9. The nearest railway station in Dhrangadhra is about 16 km away and thus, is sometimes (or rarely) called the Dhrangadhra National Park.

10. As it is close to the Gulf of Kutch, this sanctuary is an important site for migratory birds for resting, feeding and breeding. This makes it a good place for bird-watching.

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