Monday, January 13, 2014

Elephant Safari Corbett Tour of Oldest National Park in India

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest parks in our country. Corbett is that much famous between the nature lovers that it attracts more than 80,000 tourists in a year. It is a home to more than 55 species of mammals and 550 species of birds.

As the park is spread over 500 square kilometres, authorities have provided different options for the visitors to experience this amazing forest. One of it is Elephant Safari. Nothing can be much more exciting than experiencing the natural habitat of animals via an animal only. Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park is an experience of its own kind. Elephant not only lure the hearts of Asians, but it attracts the tourists throughout the world. Authorities have planned the Elephant Safari in such a way that it provides the maximum satisfaction and coverage to the tourists. When you are doing safari on an elephant, you cannot hold back yourself to feel like that you are living in this natural habitat of the animals. If you are adventurous enough, Elephant Safari is the perfect choice for you. Jungle provides the safari in the day time as well as in the night time. It is completely your choice that you want to start it in dusk or dawn.

Tourist Enjoying Elephant Safari
Jim Corbett National Park Visit By Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is very exciting and astonishing way of experiencing the nature. Why elephant safari is must to explore the jungle to the fullest is because elephant can go to any area of the jungle like dense reforest or profound valleys. Also, it won’t disturb the other animals as any other vehicle can do and in this way you can get a close look of the natural world. Elephant Safari will make your wild excursion more wild and natural as there will be long silence and only thing to hear will be the natural sounds of animals or wind or the elephant’s cadenced scuff-scuff. Where it will make you enjoy the ease and simplicity, there it will also thrill you by the thought of riding an animal and their sound when they produce to talk to another elephant.
Sometimes the terror will make you freeze and will give you an excited and delighted experience.

Exciting Elephant Safari
Tourist Enjoying Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park

Obviously, Elephant Safari is done under the supervision of experienced guides and officials at particular zones of the National Park. Some of the zones inside the park where you can be spell bound by unique and beautiful flora and fauna of the park are Dhikala, Durga Devi, Jhirna and Bijrani. Although, safaris are done under supervision and in the safe areas only, but still you yourself should take care and always listen and follow your official or guide.
Adventurous Elephant Safari
An Adventurous Visit Of  Corbett National Park By Elephant Safari

So, if you are a nature lover and planning to explore the nature in its own way, you should definitely experience the Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett as you can get the closer look and experience. Jungle has a lot to offer to its visitors and the more you’ll experience it in natural way the more excited and awesome you will feel.

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  1. Wow!!Nice and interesting!Greetings Norway!

  2. Wow riding on an elephant had been a memory of a lifetime, so stylish and exotic for me.

    Great pictures, thanks for the look greeting Marit of Norway.

  3. Może bym się trochę bała jazdy na słoniu, ale z pewnością bym się wybrała na taką wspaniałą wycieczkę. Pozdrawiam.
    Maybe I'd be a little afraid of riding on an elephant, but it certainly would be chosen for such a great trip. Yours.

  4. Very beautiful pictures, wonderful adventure with the elephants!

  5. This is something I would really enjoy doing, Your photos are wonderful.

  6. Hallo, this is really nice, I hope to be able to try, sooner or later ! ciao

  7. Looks interesting! I rode on an elephant once at a zoological park in Virginia, USA.

  8. Beautiful place, I would love to be there.

  9. i would really enjoy seeing this animals in the wild. i have only seen them in zoo's and safari parks. what a beautiful place!!