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Wild Vacations - Other Name of Tiger Safari, India

Nature is a wide entity to be explored. Apart from giving us all the basics to live, it gives more to relax, to thank, to think and to be within it. Just the way we get carried with the natural beauty of the places, some beautiful creations just makes us go mad over them. Incredible India – is a worthwhile name for our country. India is rich in not only beautiful destinations, but is also a land of beautiful flora and fauna.

A wide range of fauna could be seen and treasured in the wildlife sanctuaries or National Park of India. From Jammu & Kashmir till the Andaman and Nicobar Island, everywhere you can see these faunas in small zoos or big wildlife sanctuaries. While moving around these places, the trip itself becomes memorable if you see a Tiger.

Indian Tiger

Tiger – the biggest cat, most grandiose and dominant creature, is even more fun to see when it’s Indian TIGER. Tigers of India are a symbol of power, royalty, rambling, enthralling and most handsome to look at. The experience of looking and feeling them so close to you is a possible task. 

Apart from vacations in beautiful places, people these days prefer to explore the wild angle of the faunas. Wild life tours and Safaris are no longer retained with Africa only. India is the destination for same. Tiger Safari – is the best name given to the ride in the national parks, where you get to see your loved creatures moving freely and happily in their own zones. Indian tigers are the most handsome tiger all around the world. A large number of tiger lovers book their safaris to see them every year.

The most famous Tiger Safaris and the Tiger watching tours in India, is amongst these national parks:

Tiger Of Ranthambore National Park
Tiger In  Ranthambore National Park
1. Ranthambore National Park : It is a National park of Rajasthan which contributes to the project Tiger and the state has most pleasing Tiger reserves.It is Named after the Ranthambore fort  and is well known for tiger safari in India.

Tiger  Safari
Tiger Safari In Jim Corbett National Park

2. Corbett National Park  : Park is located in the foot hills of Himalayas, near Nainital, and covers the Sonanadi & Kalagarh wildlife sanctuaries. Currently, the park is a home of many creatures like bull elephant, spotted deer, leopard cat, barking sambar, Himalayan black bear, Indian pangolin, great mongoose  and many more. The Park is marked as a protection zone for endangered beasts.

White Tiger
White Tigers Of  Bandhavgarh National Park In Rest

3. Bandhavgarh National Park : This Park is well known as a home to famous white tiger of Rewathat. Apart from various safaris offered in the park, it is popular for the sandstones caves from 1st century. It’s located in Madhya Pradesh.

4. Sunderbans Tiger Reserves : Situated in West Bengal. The reserve is more popular for the handsome and Royal Bengal tigers. Reserves also offer adventures Tiger and elephant safaris.
Kaziranga National Park
One Horned Rhinoceros,Tiger and Elephant In Kaziranga National Park

5. Kaziranga National Park : Park is located in Assam and is a world heritage site. The park is well known for the best safety given to the sheltered animals. Is well known for protection of one horned Rhinoceros and the tigers.

Apart from these parks Kanha national park and Pench national park are also known for the tiger safaris. Tiger Safari, a ride that makes your vacation truly remarkable and memorable.

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