Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Catch Tigers and Birds in Corbett National Park

Knowing about a thing and experience it into reality has a big difference. Likewise, listening about Indian Wildlife and spending a couple of days amidst its dense forest and terrible sounds of wild animals is completely a different experience. If you are taking a wildlife tour in North India to explore its endangered species and animals and expecting full of adventure, then the most bizarre forest Corbett National Park can fulfill your expectation. Visit to Corbett National Park basically engaged with Tiger safari and bird watching activity that catches maximum attention of the tourist.

But, before rush for hunting of Corbett’s wildlife, it is more important to know where and how you will feel more adventure. How would you feel if you can experience Jeep safari amidst the wide diversity of flora and fauna of this national park? Hope, you would not like to miss out this opportunity at any cost. Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park is the most convenient option to explore wild tigers and birds, which drives you close to them where you can find some great snap. If you wish, then you can also enjoy elephant safari; booking in advance the tour through Erco Travels.

Sit down on your sit, hold your HD camera, tighten your belt and drive for tiger hunting. Four Jeep safari as well as elephant safari follows some predefined routes, from where tiger safari and bird watching is guaranteed. To catch the maximum numbers of wild animals, you must have to enter Dhikala, Jhirna and Bijrani zone which are famous for tiger sightseeing. Every year, flown of seasonal birds, enhances the beauty of this national park so, ornithologists can be spotted in the main bird watching areas. Kalagarh Dam and the bank of Kosi River hold the charm of forest where you can find some great photographic options of numbers of bird’s species.

Corbett tiger safari only becomes active from 15th November to 15th June, but you can book it in advance so as to get better resort, better safari tour and to get the best value of your money. Rest of the month, the park remains close due to worst climatic condition. So, don't be late otherwise, you will miss such an excellent opportunity.


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