Monday, May 7, 2012

Mesmerizing Moments In Ranthambore National Park

India is having many types of nature. We have desert, forest, mountain, snow, rivers and the beautiful wild life. To protect the wild life the government has taken many steps. The national parks are the result of the steps taken by the government. All over India.

There are many national parks. The largest among these national parks is the Ranthambhore national park. This park was mainly made for the tiger reserve. There are lots of tigers here and it is a heaven for the wild life lovers. They can go for a safari here to see many tigers on their way.

The tigers can be seen on the way, on the grass, basking in the sun or just relaxing. It is a pleasure to see these big cats relaxing freely in the park. There are other animals also which are found in this park like the leopard, wild bore, etc. The nature is very lovely here and nature lovers will feel this park very interesting. In the month of November when the forest is not very dense it will be easy to spot the tigers. The flora and the fauna are also very good watching. The safari may be on the elephant, jeep or the mini bus.

Ranthambore National Park was mainly established for the tigers. There are particular timings for the safari in the national parks. The people are allowed to visit in the safari in those particular timings. If the people are allowed in other timings the wild animals will be disturbed. If the park is visited in the spring season there are many types of flora and fauna which is a pleasure to watch. Nature lovers will enjoy each and every step the forest for the wild animals and the plants.

It is a mesmerizing moment when a tiger is spotted and the cameras click. The tiger will walk about majestically. They do not disturb us until they are disturbed or hungry. The real look of the tiger is an unforgettable moment in one life. The people will really enjoy each and every moment in the safari or the visit to the national park. There are many lakes and also the Ranthambore fort to be visited in the National Park. Everything is enjoyable after the stress in the urban life everyday. The animals are so carefree and not running after anything. Even if the animals are wild they are very calm and quiet which is better than the human nature.

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